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A retirement planning course designed to help MN public employees retire confidently

Stein Financial Group Presents:

The Road to Retirement
Webinar Series

The Road to Retirement webinar series is specifically tailored for Minnesota public employees, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively plan and prepare for their retirement years. With a focus on addressing the unique needs and challenges of this particular group, our informative webinars cover various crucial topics such as retirement savings, risks in retirement, estate planning, and more. Join us on this journey towards a secure and fulfilling retirement!

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Who This Series Is Perfect For:

Meet John, John is worried about making the wrong choices when it comes to Social Security. He wants to learn more about:

  • When to file for his benefits
  • How to maximize dollars in his pocket from Social Security
  • What mistakes to avoid

Introducing Kathy, as she plans for a significant transition into retirement, she can’t help but feel daunted by the complexities of Medicare. She has a lot of questions like:

  • What does each part of Medicare cover? Do I need all parts?
  • How do I choose the right option for my healthcare needs?
  • Does Medicare cover long-term or home health services?

This is Mike, he knows how important it is to lay a strong financial foundation now for a secure future and wants to make the best financial decisions possible. He asks himself:

  • How do I use the money I’ve saved and start taking withdrawals?
  • How do I know I won’t outlive my money?
  • How much money can I responsibly take out of my retirement accounts to make them last?

1. Creating Your Retirement Paycheck

You'll Learn:

  • How to coordinate your PERA, Deferred Comp, and Social Security to maximize your retirement income
  • How your current health benefits can translate into retirement
  • How to know you can retire and NOT outlive your money

2. Avoiding Potholes in Your Retirement Journey

You'll Learn:

  • Which types of risks you are currently exposed to
  • How risky the investments in your accounts are and how to diversify for long-term growth
  • How the timing of your retirement can make a big difference in your long-term success

3. 10 Essentials for Your Retirement Journey

You'll Learn:

  • How to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of unexpected illness or a negative financial event
  • How to set up your assets to be more tax efficient
  • How to avoid probate and mistakes when it comes to your money

4. Navigating Your Retirement Roadmap

You'll Learn:

  • How to retire confidently - knowing that you finances won't hold you back from your goals!

Download guided notes Here

2024 Schedule

Each session is comprised of four (4) 1-hour presentations covering a variety of topics to help enhance your retirement readiness and allow you to be better informed and more successful in retirement. We are offering this course once per quarter throughout 2024 and we encourage registration in advance. All sessions are virtual. Please see below for session dates and times:

Session 1: January/February

Wednesday, January 31st at 12pm
Wednesday, February 7th at 12pm
Wednesday, February 14th at 12pm
Wednesday, February 21st at 12pm


Session 2: April

Thursday, April 18th at 4pm
Thursday, April 25th at 4pm
Thursday, May 2nd at 4pm
Thursday, May 9th at 4pm


Session 3: July

Tuesday, July 9th at 9am
Tuesday, July 16th at 9am
Tuesday, July 23rd at 9am
Tuesday, July 30th at 9am


Session 4: October

Wednesday, October 9th at 7pm
Wednesday, October 16th at 7pm
Wednesday, October 23rd at 7pm
Wednesday, October 30th at 7pm


"Hi everyone, I'm Anthony Gerbi, Lead Financial Advisor and Head of Analytics and Strategy at Stein Financial Group. I'm known for my detailed and yet still easy to understand guidance on all the financial issues that retirees face. Let me help you address your financial concerns surrounding Medicare, Social Security, PERA, your Deferred Comp 457, and the big one: How do I live in retirement without running out of money?"

Originally from Little Falls, Minnesota, Anthony has been a part of the Stein Financial Group family since 2014. He holds the Series 7 and Series 66 registrations, complemented by his Minnesota Life, Accident, and Health Insurance license. With years of experience working with MN public employees, he has the knowledge and insights into the best financial practices when it comes to PERA, Social Security, Medicare, and Deferred Compensation Retirement Accounts.

Meet Anthony Gerbi

Complimentary Deferred Compensation Assessment

We offer complimentary assessments of the 457 Deferred Comp account to ensure it is positioned to handle market volatility and meet your financial needs. We are here to help you with Pension, Deferred Comp, Social Security, 1% Supplemental, and Health Coverage questions.

  • What do I do with my 457 when I retire?
  • Will my spouse get my pension if I die?
  • What impact does market volatility have on my plan?

We can help answer these questions along with many more. Let us help you feel more confident about your retirement.