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November 11th - 2020 Election and the Markets

Join us at 1pm on November 11th

During the webinar we will discuss:

  • A look at the winner's policies and what to expect surrounding taxes, trade, government spending, and more!
  • How we think each candidate's plans will affect market performance
  • Historical look at elections in the market

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November 11th // 2020 Election and the Markets

We will take a deep dive into how the election and the markets interact with each other both on a historical basis as well as in 2020.
                               Questions? Contact lblair@steinfg.com

What's Next?

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Past Events

October 23rd // Q3 Market Review with Assetmark

Assetmark's Market Review of Q3 2020 explained what helped and hurt portfolio performance in the last quarter and gave new insights into the markets and the economy. 

October 13th // Your 2020 RMD Scoop

RMDs can be complicated. Because every person's financial situation is different, the right course of action also varies from person to person. 

We hosted this webinar to provide you with all the basic information you need to know. Youtube channel. Here's a link to the discussion: Your RMD Scoop           

Decisions In Life and In Sports // September 9th

We were so excited to host guest speaker Daniel Adler, Assistant General Manager for the Minnesota Twins for this very informative event about Decision Making. 

Daniel discussed his unique role within our favorite MLB team and talk about Decision Making In Life and In Sports.

You can watch the replay of this event on our Youtube channel by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/fEQqs6KQeu8