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2021 Events

During 2021 we have a lot of events in store for you. We plan to cover the following topics via virtual and (hopefully) in-person events:

  • All ages welcome retirement planning workshop
  • What you need to know about taking your RMD
  • Your Social Security questions answered
  • and MORE

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All Upcoming Events

January 21st // Family Financial Series Pt 1: Pursuing Success at Every Generation
Want to learn how to help your loved ones retain your family's wealth?

 Together we'll learn how to talk about money so that you can keep your family financially healthy for generations to come. 

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What's Next?

Check back here for more events from Stein Financial Group.

Questions? Email lblair@steinfg.com

Past Events

December 2nd //Q & A with a Doctor

On December 2nd we got to spend an hour with a very special guest Dr. Ron Kaufman, M.D. 

We wanted to invite someone to answer some of your burning medical questions, as we know this is an uncertain time for all of us.

Dr. Kaufman covered a lot of common questions about COVID-19, addressed valid mental health concerns as we head into winter, and discussed what the world might look like after this. Click the link below to watch.

 Virtual Event: Dr. Q&A Replay

                               Questions? Contact lblair@steinfg.com

November 11th // 2020 Election and the Markets

We took a deep dive into how the election and the markets interact with each other both on a historical basis as well as in 2020. 


                               Questions? Contact lblair@steinfg.com

October 23rd // Q3 Market Review with Assetmark

Assetmark's Market Review of Q3 2020 explained what helped and hurt portfolio performance in the last quarter and gave new insights into the markets and the economy. 


October 13th // Your 2020 RMD Scoop

RMDs can be complicated. Because every person's financial situation is different, the right course of action also varies from person to person. 

We hosted this webinar to provide you with all the basic information you need to know. Youtube channel. 

Here's a link to the discussion:

 Your RMD Scoop