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How Money Affects Our Emotions Thumbnail

How Money Affects Our Emotions

For those we are fortunate enough to work with, you may see my team and me as your financial group, money manager, financial planner, and maybe your money guru. All those titles fit, and I hope you agree that we are very good at our work. You may not realize...

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Free From Fear Thumbnail

Free From Fear

Today, I would like to share some thoughts about fear and the toll we allow it to take on our lives. What is fear? Fear is a normal human emotion we have honed over thousands of years to keep us safe and help us avoid danger. Under normal circumstances, fear...

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Sending Your Children off to College Thumbnail

Sending Your Children off to College

Some of you have already had your children or grandchildren head off to college. With that, comes all kinds of things your child(ren) and you must deal with. As parents and grandparents, we must deal with emotional issues such as letting go and potentially acknowledging they are no longer children...

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The Importance of Understanding Others Thumbnail

The Importance of Understanding Others

In 1983, news anchor Howard Beale spoke the immortal line in the movie Network “I’m mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore.” I agree with the character, and that’s what today’s note is about. I have been working in the financial services industry for almost...

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Who Am I? Thumbnail

Who Am I?

Have you ever noticed that when meeting someone new, we often ask what they do or where they work as one of the first questions? As if their profession will tell us what kind of person they are, but who are we without our job? Have you ever tried answering...

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