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Jeff's Life Lessons

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The American Obsession With Stuff  Thumbnail

The American Obsession With Stuff

We are filling our lives with so much junk — clothes we'll never wear ... spare furniture ... stuff we "might use" — that the U.S. now has more self-storage facilities than McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger Kings, Starbucks, and Walmarts combined (Axios March 9, 2022). The United States is a nation of stuff. We have more stuff than any...

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Enjoying the Journey Thumbnail

Enjoying the Journey

“Don't be in a hurry to turn the page. Live and experience the current phase of your life with ease and calm. The page will anyway turn by itself.” ― Hiral Nagda For much of my career, I have had a difficult time enjoying the journey. I've often found myself rushing through life, focused on the destination rather than the journey. But as I've gotten older, I've realized that...

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Do What You Do Best Thumbnail

Do What You Do Best

I consider myself to have been truly fortunate as I have progressed through my personal and professional life. Professionally, my career in the financial services industry began when I was hired by the individual who became my mentor, Howard Zimmerman. We worked together until his retirement, and I bought the practice from him, which many...

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Making Something Out of Nothing Thumbnail

Making Something Out of Nothing

I was watching the local news on television the other day (yes, I will still do that). The stories left me depressed. I began to wonder if my home was one of the few islands of sanity, in what appeared to be a crazy world. Shaking myself out of my negative thinking, I began to think about what was happening. I continually remind myself and my team that...

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Our Gift to You Thumbnail

Our Gift to You

Happy Holidays. The end of the year, at least in the United States, has, in recent years, been one of getting together with Family, Celebrations, and Resolutions. After getting together and hopefully enjoying each other's company, celebrating that we have made it through another year, and having the opportunity to start fresh, we tend to ask ourselves, what did I learn from...

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Thankful Thumbnail


My intent this month was to write to you about a new program we are rolling out, but I think today’s topic is more important. My note for this month is on being thankful. Many of you are familiar with The Rolling Stones and their lead singer Mick Jagger. The Rolling Stones have...

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