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Upcoming Events

September 21st (1pm) // The ABCs and Ds of Medicare

Medicare doesn’t have to be confusing. If you are new to Medicare, our upcoming webinar, The ABCs and Ds of Medicare, will help guide you through all you need to know. Michelle Wood from Mediqwest will share with you the fundamentals of Medicare including what it is, your coverage options, and how to best minimize your costs.


November 4th (1pm) // Stein’s Movie Matinee

We’re excited to invite you and your friends & families to our upcoming event, Stein’s Movie Matinee! Located at The Heights Theater, we will enjoy a classic cinema experience and viewing of the original holiday film, Home Alone, accompanied by a wonderful organ pre-show concert. Santa will be there before the show, so be sure to bring friends & family along for a chance to get a holiday photo! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


November 16th (2pm) // SFG Volunteer Event

As part of our team’s commitment and mission to give back to our community, we’re inviting you to join us for a community volunteer event at Feed My Starving Children. We would love to have you there with us to help support their mission of ending hunger by feeding kids, feeding spirits, and empowering communities!

The charitable entities and/or fundraising opportunities described herein are not endorsed by or affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC or its affiliates. Our philanthropic interests are personal to us and are not reviewed, sponsored or approved by Cetera.


Past Events

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August 15th (10am) // August Coffee Chat

For this Coffee Chat, we will be joined by a special guest, Russ Rubin, to discuss all things travel. Be sure to grab a cup of joe and join us for a great conversation!

July 19th (2pm) // Mid-Year Market Webinar

As we approach the midyear mark, it’s a great time for an update on the state of the markets. Michael Clark from Capital Group-American Funds will be joining us to discuss the current market conditions for mid-year 2023 and what you can expect going forward.

June 21st (2pm) // Preparing Your Estate Webinar

It’s important to cover all your bases and make sure nothing is left to chance when it comes to your assets and personal health decisions. Amanda Hespen from Scott + Hespen Law is joining us for our upcoming webinar that is designed to help you understand the ins and outs of estate planning and help you answer those difficult questions.

April 25th (1-3pm) // Shred Event

With Earth Day in mind, we’re hosting a Shred Event to encourage you to bring by any old documents that you need shredded. Professional paper shredding is an eco-friendly way to destroy confidential documents securely while protecting our planet and helping de-clutter your space!

April 18th (10am) // April Coffee Chat

For our first Coffee Chat of the year, we will be joined by special guest, Brad Frank from Barnes & Thornburg. We will be catching up over coffee and answering your questions!

March 15th (11am) // Wealth Transfer Webinar

As an important part of the estate planning process, a wealth transfer plan can help ensure your wishes are carried out and can support the financial success of future generations. During this webinar, we will give you the tools you need to create a purposeful wealth transfer plan for you and your family.

February 15th (12pm) // State of the Markets 2023

Now is a great time to review how far the markets have come and talk about what the future may look like. This presentation examines the important financial factors at play, including economic developments, world events, and other market influences. We will also discuss what might be around the corner for 2023 in addition to answering any questions you may have.

January 18th (1pm) // What If I Die Workshop

Preparing a document with all your important information is one of the most valuable ways to save your loved ones incalculable time, money, and struggle. During this workshop, we will provide you with and guide you through the process of completing a workbook that consolidates all your key information into one place. 

December 20th (10am) // Q4 Community Coffee Chat

For our last Coffee Chat of the year, we will be going over the year in review, sharing predictions for 2023, and discuss whether the market is on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year! Grab some coffee or hot cocoa and join us for community and conversation before the new year.

November 19th (12pm) // Stein's Movie Matinee

We’re looking forward to hosting you and your family at The Heights Theater for an afternoon of conversation and laughs as we watch the film, Elf!

October 19th (2pm) // Medicare Webinar with Transamerica

Medicare doesn't have to be confusing. During this Medicare Webinar with Transamerica, we will guide you through all you need to know including when to enroll, healthcare costs, selecting the best coverage, and more!

September 20th (10am) // Q3 Community Coffee Chat

During our Q3 Community Coffee Chat, we will be highlighting current political topics and questions as well as discussing how they may impact you personally. We look forward to having this conversation, answering questions, and catching up over coffee!

August 17th (3pm) // Mid-Year Market Webinar

As we’ve hit the halfway point through 2022, it’s a great time to review and reflect upon the state of the markets. During this webinar Matt Moslander from J.P. Morgan will be discussing current economic factors, what the future may entail for financial markets, and how we’re investing to prepare for it.

July 28th (12pm) // Road to Retirement

Exclusive event designed for Government Employees preparing to retire. The Stein Financial Group has 30+ years of experience working with the public employees of MN, offering guidance on their benefits while employed and how to maximize their value into and throughout retirement.

June 21st (10am) // Q2 Community Coffee Chat

We’re having our June Coffee Chat on June 21st at 10am CST. This month a special guest will be joining us for coffee and conversation!

June 15th (2pm) // Long-Term Care Webinar with Newman

Long-term care, or extended care, is a challenge that many of us will face in our lifetimes. During this webinar we will discuss the basics of long-term care, explore options for receiving and paying for care, and much more.

May 18th (2-4pm) // Scoop & Shred

Join us at our new office on May 18th from 2-4pm for a sweet treat and the chance to drop off your documents that need to be shredded!

April 21st (3:30pm) // Social Security Webinar with Allianz

This webinar will explore seven keys to enhancing Social Security benefits, such as:

  • Keys to help you understand the basics of Social Security

  • Keys that take a deeper look into Social Security, such as working in retirement

  • Taking the next step through this presentation by rethinking retirement strategies

Join us on April 21st at 3:30pm for this exclusive webinar and learn how you can make informed decisions regarding your Social Security benefits.

March 15th (10am) // Q1 Community Coffee Chat

Be sure to join us for our March Coffee Chat an March 15th at 10am CST. If you attend all four coffee chats this year you will be getting a bag of Twin Engine Coffee on us! We look forward to having you join our community coffee chats this year and sharing the Twin Engine Coffee with you.

March 16th (2pm) // Breached by Prudential

The state of the world is rife with cyber breaches, malware or ransomware attacks, and rampant identity theft. CNBC reports that identity fraud cost Americans a total of about $56 billion in 2020, with about 49 million consumers falling victim. Repercussions of this fraud can often be as financially devastating as a mismanaged investment or neglecting to
purchase protection with insurance. Every American should be fluent in today’s risks and armed with protection strategies. This webinar will cover these risks and provide solutions to prevent identity theft.

State of the Markets 2022

Now is a great time to review how far the markets have come and talk about what might lay ahead. This presentation examines the important financial factors at play, including economic developments, world events, and other market influences. It also looks at what might be around the corner for 2022 in addition to answering any questions you may have.

Estate Planning
We had an exciting opportunity to partner with Brad Frank from Barnes & Thornburg to learn about the importance of Estate Planning specifically highlighting Probate, Distribution of Assets, Planning for Incapacity, Wealth Distribution and so much more. Click the link above to watch the full replay.  

Exclusive Event
We are holding three exclusive events where you can learn more about our Good Life Program. There are limited spots available, and there will not be a video replay you can watch. Sign up before the spots fill up, you won’t want to miss this!

July 28 // Healthcare & Finances Webinar

During this webinar we covered Long Term Care, Medicare, retirement living, and more. Watch the replay to hear all about these topics and learn what you need to know about retirement.


June 8th// June Coffee Chat

We had another coffee chat where we discussed our move, taxes, and more.

April 15th // Family Series Event Part 2: Budgeting

We will take a crash course in budgeting and provide tips that will be useful no matter what your age, budgeting experience, or life stage happens to be. Please join us on April 15th, and invite a friend or family member. April is Financial Literacy Month and many individuals in America cannot pass a basic financial literacy test. Let us help. Register today and we will see you on Thursday, April 15th at 5 PM.

March 23rd // RMDs In 2021

During the call we covered all the basics on what you need to know about Required Minimum Distributions, explained how the 2020 changes to RMDs impacted this year's withdrawal requirements, and discussed tax planning strategies as they relate to RMDs.


February 24th // 2021 State of the Markets

See how the markets performed during the most unexpected year we've seen in a while. Watch the replay for a comprehensive review of market activity in 2020 and a look at our predictions for what may happen in 2021.


January 21st // Family Financial Series Pt 1: Pursuing Success at Every Generation

For this event, we took time to teach attendees how to help their talk about and retain wealth within their families.

Watch the webinar replay below to understand how to talk about money so that you can keep your family financially healthy for generations to come. 


December 2nd // Q & A with a Doctor

On December 2nd we got to spend an hour with a very special guest Dr. Ron Kaufman, M.D. 

We wanted to invite someone to answer some of your burning medical questions, as we know this is an uncertain time for all of us.

Dr. Kaufman covered a lot of common questions about COVID-19, addressed valid mental health concerns as we head into winter, and discussed what the world might look like after this. Click the link below to watch.