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2021 Events

During 2021 we have a lot of events in store for you. We plan to cover the following topics via virtual and (hopefully) in-person events:

  • All ages welcome retirement planning workshop
  • What you need to know about taking your RMD
  • Your Social Security questions answered
  • and MORE

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Upcoming Events

Exclusive Event
We are holding three exclusive events where you can learn more about our Good Life Program. There are limited spots available, and there will not be a video replay you can watch. Sign up before the spots fill up, you won’t want to miss this!

What's Next?

Check back here for more events from Stein Financial Group.

Past Events

July 28 // Healthcare & Finances Webinar

During this webinar we covered Long Term Care, Medicare, retirement living, and more. Watch the replay to hear all about these topics and learn what you need to know about retirement.

                               Questions? Contact stein@steinfg.com

June 8th// June Coffee Chat

We had another coffee chat where we discussed our move, taxes, and more.

                               Questions? Contact stein@steinfg.com

April 15th // Family Series Event Part 2: Budgeting

We will take a crash course in budgeting and provide tips that will be useful no matter what your age, budgeting experience, or life stage happens to be. Please join us on April 15th, and invite a friend or family member. April is Financial Literacy Month and many individuals in America cannot pass a basic financial literacy test. Let us help. Register today and we will see you on Thursday, April 15th at 5 PM.

                               Questions? Contact lblair@steinfg.com

March 23rd // RMDs In 2021

During the call we covered all the basics on what you need to know about Required Minimum Distributions, explained how the 2020 changes to RMDs impacted this year's withdrawal requirements, and discussed tax planning strategies as they relate to RMDs.


                               Questions? Contact lblair@steinfg.com

February 24th // 2021 State of the Markets

See how the markets performed during the most unexpected year we've seen in a while. Watch the replay for a comprehensive review of market activity in 2020 and a look at our predictions for what may happen in 2021.


                               Questions? Contact lblair@steinfg.com

January 21st // Family Financial Series Pt 1: Pursuing Success at Every Generation

For this event, we took time to teach attendees how to help their talk about and retain wealth within their families.

Watch the webinar replay below to understand how to talk about money so that you can keep your family financially healthy for generations to come. 

                               Questions? Contact lblair@steinfg.com

December 2nd // Q & A with a Doctor

On December 2nd we got to spend an hour with a very special guest Dr. Ron Kaufman, M.D. 

We wanted to invite someone to answer some of your burning medical questions, as we know this is an uncertain time for all of us.

Dr. Kaufman covered a lot of common questions about COVID-19, addressed valid mental health concerns as we head into winter, and discussed what the world might look like after this. Click the link below to watch.


                               Questions? Contact lblair@steinfg.com