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What Is It?

The Good Life Service model is uniquely designed to build confidence and create clarity in one's journey to and throughout retirement. It not only answers the question of if and when I can retire, but the ongoing service allows you and your advisor to adjust to life events and keep your priorities top of mind.

Your Unique Road Map

Your Road Map is a comprehensive financial plan to guide you to the start of retirement and throughout retirement. It will be updated at an annual meeting in January to reflect your updated life changes, wishes, and goals. This tool keeps you and your advisor focused on what matters most to you.                                          

Tax Analysis

Once your taxes have been filed, we ask that you share your tax return so we may take it through our analysis process. We are looking for opportunities to improve your current and future tax situations based on Your Road Map. The advisor will share results via an emailed video report. In coordination with your tax preparer, we will gladly assist with any recommendations you’d like.  

Risk Review / Estate Plan

Every other year over the summer, we will meet to discuss the nonmarket risks (health, liability, etc.) and how they will impact your road map. Alternatively, the following year, we will ensure that your estate plan is up to date and that Your Road Map reflects its wishes. These items are essential to plan for, and are necessary to communicate your wishes to your family, which we can help with.

Annual Investment Review

Regardless of if SFG manages your assets, each fall, your accounts will be reviewed to determine if they are on track towards meeting Your Road Map goals & objectives and help ensure they continue to align with your risk tolerance level. At this time, we will help ensure any tax recommendations have been implemented and all RMDS, charitable contributions, etc., have taken place or are scheduled to do so before the end of the year.  

$3,000 Annual Fee Minimum

AUM Fee > Fee Minimum = No Advisory Fee

Household Assets > $250,000 = No Additional Advisory Fee

Any fees that may be incurred while working together are fully disclosed prior to any work being done.

Asset Under Management (AUM) Fee Portfolio Value
1.25% $0 to $499,999
1.10% $500,000 to $999,999
Individual Basis $1,000,000 and above