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Our Gift to You Thumbnail

Our Gift to You

Happy Holidays. The end of the year, at least in the United States, has, in recent years, been one of getting together with Family, Celebrations, and Resolutions. 

After getting together and hopefully enjoying each other's company, celebrating that we have made it through another year, and having the opportunity to start fresh, we tend to ask ourselves, what did I learn from this past year and what do I plan to do differently for the coming year?

Those things we plan to do differently; eating better, exercising more, and losing weight. These are our resolutions.  

This coming year my group and I are offering you a gift wrapped in a resolution and I think you will like it. 

Even the most curmudgeon of us enjoys a gift; if I do not say so myself, this is special. You see, this gift is guaranteed to fit; you will not need batteries, and even though some assembly is required, it comes with your very own guide to help you put it together. 

I am not talking about something insignificant, what I am talking about can be life-altering. The gift I am offering is one that will help provide Family Peace of Mind and demonstrates the Love and Caring that goes along with it. Our gift to you is a document, that when completed will provide you and those important to you with consolidated information on:  

  • Important documents and information 
  • The location of key items 
  • Family information 
  • Medical information 
  • Key advisors – like us 
  • Password keeper 
  • Credit Card data 
  • And more 

I want to assure you that you are the only one to have access to the information you list. You will be attending our workshop from the comfort and in the privacy of your home. Our job will be to provide you with guidance and answer your questions. 

This gift will allow you to get this valuable information organized for you and those important to you. If you are already organized with this information, this will allow you to update it and consolidate all your different pieces of information into one place.  

I know you realize how important this is. I also understand the most difficult part of this project is starting.  

I have always found that when I am working with someone on a project who knows what they are doing, the project not only gets done but it also gets done right. We are your partners on this project. 

We have put together a virtual workshop where we will be helping you complete the necessary information.  

There is more good news. Your document can either be completed from your computer or filled in by hand. We will also provide you with a personal electronic vault. This vault, which you control, will provide you with one more option for storing a copy of your information should you choose to use it.  

Having this document completed is a core element of our Good Life Planning program. I am such a firm believer in ensuring you get this done that I will be the one helping you complete your information.  

The materials and workshop will be offered on January 18th at 1pm CST. Doing this together will help make this easy and fun. Since this is our gift to you, the materials, the workshop, the vault, and any scanning are complimentary.  

Please use the link below to save a seat for yourself and your spouse or partner if appropriate. If you would like to invite a guest to participate and complete their own information – a child(ren), relatives, or friends, we would love to have them join us. Your guests, their participation and materials will also be complimentary thanks to you. 

Please join me on January 18th to help kick your year off right. Together we can make a difference for you and your family. 

Wishing you happiness, health, prosperity, and organization in 2023.