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How to Keep Your Wits About You When Things Seem to Be Falling Apart  Thumbnail

How to Keep Your Wits About You When Things Seem to Be Falling Apart

We all know life is full of challenges and uncertainties. There are times when we may face situations that make us feel overwhelmed, stressed, and hopeless. Whether it’s a personal crisis, a global pandemic, or a natural disaster, we may feel like everything is falling apart and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  

For perspective, I am writing this after the attack on Israel and the news reports, which were later debunked, that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza. When it was reported, I was shocked and shaken. I know things happen in war, but I was devastated by the tragic loss of life on both sides and very concerned with what I believed would be the negative ramifications that would follow throughout the world. 

According to multiple sources, the real story about the hospital explosion was that a terrorist rocket intended for Israel misfired and crashed in the hospital’s parking lot. My anxiety decreased some once the original reports were retracted. Unfortunately, Mark Twain’s quote from over one hundred years ago still rings true today: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”  I am certain there was no social media back then.  

I usually don’t share publicly when I have anxiety-ridden thoughts. I believe part of my obligation to you is to be strong for you when you are dealing with situations that frighten, anger, or leave you distraught. In this case, my life lesson is the theme of this note.  

The situation in Israel rocked me. Though it may not have had the same impact on you, I am guessing you still had some level of concern. So, today, let’s try to come up with ways to navigate through the difficult situations that affect our ability to make decisions and can leave us wondering if there is a way to keep moving forward.

Easy to say, much harder to do. No matter how bad things may seem, there is always a way to cope and overcome. How we can keep our wits about us and find the strength and resilience to deal with any adversity is the question. Here are some tips on how to do that: 

1. Focus on what you can control 

One of the main sources of stress and anxiety is trying to control things that are beyond our control. We may waste our energy and time worrying about things we do not influence, such as other people's actions, the outcome of events, or the future. I am certainly guilty of that. 

Instead of dwelling on the things that we can’t control, we should focus on the things that we can. We can control our thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions. We can choose how we respond to any situation and what we do to improve it. We can also control our attitude and perspective and look for the positive aspects of any challenge. 

2. Take care of yourself 

When things seem to be falling apart, it’s easy to neglect our own well-being and health. We may stop doing the things that make us happy, such as hobbies, exercise, or socializing. We may also resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as overeating, drinking, or smoking. 

However, taking care of ourselves is crucial for keeping our wits about us. We need to nourish our body, mind, and soul with healthy habits and activities that bring us joy and peace. We need to eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly, meditate, relax, and have fun. We also need to reach out to our friends and family for support and comfort. 

One of the sayings you most likely have heard from me in the past is, “If you don’t have your own act together, how are you going to take care of anyone else?” 

3. Learn from the experience 

Every challenge that we face in life is an opportunity to learn and grow. Instead of seeing the situation as a failure or a disaster, we can see it as a lesson. We can ask ourselves what we can learn from the experience and how we can use it to improve ourselves and our lives. 

We can also look for the silver lining in every cloud and appreciate the benefits that come with every difficulty. This is another one of those things where, sometimes, you may have to really dig deeply to find that silver lining. For example, we may discover new strengths, skills, or talents that we didn’t know we had. We may also develop more empathy, compassion, or gratitude for ourselves and others. 

4. Have faith in yourself and the universe 

Finally, you may consider this “New Age” but one of the most important things we can do when things seem to be falling apart is to have faith in ourselves and the universe. We need to trust that we have what it takes to overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal. We need to believe in our abilities, potential, and worth. 

By following these tips, we can keep our wits about us when things seem to be falling apart. We will have a greater ability to cope with any situation with calmness, confidence, and courage. We can also turn any adversity into an advantage and use it as a catalyst for positive change. 

I am so fortunate at Stein Financial Group to have such an amazing team to work with and people like you who make every day a better day. Our goal is to provide you with comfort, understanding, and the knowledge that you are in control. We are here for you. 

Wishing you all the Good Life.