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1 Year Anniversary Thumbnail

1 Year Anniversary

Our group just passed an especially important milestone on June 15th. We did not break out the Champagne or take the day off. It was just another wonderful day that happened to be our one-year anniversary with our new broker-dealer (the company that ensures we are compliant and working in your best interest), Cetera. 

I had been with Aetna which became ING, which became Voya for 35 years. During that time, my group and I assisted thousands of individuals, just like you position themselves to live a better life financially.  

In February of 2021, Voya sold the financial services division to Cetera. My group was not included in the sale because we were part of the large group division (457 – Deferred Comp Division). I will always be grateful to the leadership at Voya who acknowledged my concerns that my group would no longer be able to provide the type of services and solutions our clients had become accustomed to after the sale closed. They agreed to allow Stein Financial Group to be part of the sale to Cetera.  

The past year has been incredible. We moved to our new office in St Louis Park. The amazing team at Stein Financial continues to provide the same great service you have always received. We are now able to provide comprehensive financial planning, tax planning, special needs planning, risk management, and estate planning through our service called the Good Life Program. These are the areas we are working in to provide the services and solutions you ask for.  

We have expanded your ability to receive information the way you want it from our YouTube channel to virtual and of course in-person meetings, monthly workshops, coffee chats, and private personal secure on-line account information. Even unique events such as a Tribute to 9/11, and last month, an hour with actor, teacher, and political insider Ben Stein.  

Our goal is always to work to anticipate your needs and concerns. We strive each day to make sure the financial part of your life and all it touches is accomplishing everything you desire and more. If we can allow you to live your life knowing that the financial part of it is covered and as worry-free for you as possible, we believe we have done the job you asked us to. We moved to Cetera to help ensure we would be able to continue to help you live “The Good Life.” Thank you for allowing us to continue to be a small part of your, and your family’s life, as we continue to strive to make a positive difference for you.  

To the Good Life.