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Financial Planning specialized for Government Employees so you can retire confidently. 

The 10 Essentials for Your Retirement Journey 

Spend time
with family

Winter in a
warmer climate

Travel and
see the world

your lifestyle

where it all started.

Hennepin County

My mentor, Howard Zimmerman, began developing the Hennepin County retirement plan starting in 1972. The City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County officially selected Howard and Aetna (which later became ING and then Voya) to create an employee retirement plan in 1976. Over the next decade, Howard and his team serviced the 10,000 plus employees participating in the plan. Howard and I, Jeff Stein, became a team, and we never looked back as we provided deferred compensation guidance to thousands of County employees through our Good Life Program.

The Stein Financial Group


Pension Plan Specialists 

With over 30 years of experience working with government employees, we have been around the block when it comes to pensions. We have guided thousands through the different income options and what makes sense for them personally. 

Deferred Compensation Assessment 

As a government employee, this can be a powerful tool and a key part of the financial plan. We offer complimentary assessments of the 457 Deffered Comp account to ensure it is positioned to handle market volatility and meet your financial needs. 

Increase Financial Literacy

We make complex topics simple through communication. Our job is to make sure you understand the financial lingo to make better and more informed decisions.

We Help Government Employee's Retire Confidently

Stein Financial Group focuses on specializing in helping Government Employees, like yourself, prepare for and live the Good Life in their retirement years. We are here to help you with Pension, Deferred Comp, Social Security, 1% Supplemental, and Health Coverage questions. 

  • What do I do with my 457 when I retire? 
  • Will my spouse get my pension if I die?
  • What impact does market volatility have on my plan?

Let us help you feel more confident about your retirement.

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The Road to Retirement for Government Employees