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The Stein Financial Group Holiday Card Thumbnail

The Stein Financial Group Holiday Card

See what our staff has been up to in 2020 ! 

Jeffery Stein

Thinking back, Jeff found that the year that was was one that checked all of his emotional boxes. There were high points from having the opportunity to attend a Minnesota Twins pre-season game (who knew they would shut down shortly after the game they saw) to walking a beach at sunset. Face to face – before COVID, and virtually, he had the opportunity to listen to individuals such as Bert Jacobs – the owner of the Life is Good company, and to Dr. David Kelly – Chief Global Strategist with JP Morgan. These were just two of the many individuals this year who inspired him, were thought-provoking, and who he says helped make him a smarter, better person. People's generosity has heartened him as they reach out to help their neighbors and strangers. He has been moved by the courage and selfless behavior of first responders and medical professionals. He is optimistic about the future as we all live through a time where the impossible becomes possible when individuals, companies, and countries put their differences aside and prove they can work together. He would like to thank you all for allowing Stein Financial Group to be a small part of your life. He and Jeanne wish you a coming year of health, happiness, and success.

Margie Goldfine

Margie had quite the year. At the beginning of the state lockdown (March 31st) she moved into a condo. Fortunately her movers and furniture delivery all made it before restrictions were imposed. She loves her new home and although it is less then 5 minutes from where she grew up, she's discovered a whole new world of places to walk. Since she loves cookbooks and baking, her and her daughter added a baking station to her kitchen. Her middle son got married in August. It was an intimate wedding in his in-laws backyard. Everyone stayed safe and a wonderful day was had by all. For Thanksgiving, she cooked all the food and even made deliveries to her family who then had a zoom call family dinner. Her grandson is 2 ½ and they meet outside at the park as often as possible. She got a warm jacket and new boots so she will be able to play outside in the winter. Both of her sons and their families moved in to new houses this fall. It was tricky but they were able to help them move. It's been an eventful year for Margie, both good and bad. But, she is enjoying the slower pace of things and not rushing to be places.

Anthony Gerbi

This year, despite his beloved movie theaters being closed, Anthony was still able to find some fun. He was able to take a Pandemic road trip across the heartland all the way to the Smoky Mountains, though his highest recommendation is for Brown County, Indiana. In August he moved in with his significant other, Emily, and they are looking forward to a happy and safe holiday season and kickoff to 2021.

Crissie Mullins

Crissie Mullins has enjoyed working virtually with Stein Financial Group as the Client Experience Manager since March. She is married to Eric Mullins, one of the financial advisors on the team. They have a very busy 2-1/2 year old son named Peter. He loved using his little tool set to help them with house projects as they prepared to sell their home in Fridley & move to a beautiful new home in Blaine this December. 

Eric Mullins

2020 was quite the year for everyone! Pivoting to working from home turned out to be a successful endeavor. Eric has been enjoying getting financial planning up and running for clients now that he is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional. He has also enjoyed working with Crissie, his wife, who is now part of the team, and having lunch with his 2 year old son since he has been working from home. He is very excited to have moved into their new home and have his own office space!

Lauren Blair

Lauren has relocated to sunny Arizona and will be continuing to lead marketing efforts from there. She has enjoyed all of the virtual events she's been able to put on and hopes to continue with those in addition to in-person events as things shift back to normal. Lauren purchased a home with her husband Joe this year and is amazed by all of the new things she's learning about home-ownership. Her dog Mabel is loving the hikes and their pool.

Michael Stein

Work kept Michael very busy in 2020. One memory he has from the year stands out from the rest. COVID-19 could not stop his annual fishing trip to Lake Vermillion.  Bucky and Joe were his guides for the trip, whom he recommends. They even make a mean shore lunch. 

Mitch Taylor

Our Marketing intern Mitch is nearing the end of his final semester at the University of Minnesota and has balanced his schoolwork with working part-time and exploring his options for the next step in his career post-graduation. He has been a wonderful asset to the team and specifically the marketing department. While we will be sad to see him move on, we know he will achieve tons of success in his career. 

Haley Carrero

For those of you who don't know, Haley Carrero is one of the interns we have on staff. She has been working closely with Crissie to evaluate Stein Financial Group’s systems and operations. Besides that, her year has mostly been spent doing online school in quarantine. It has been a big shift but she is exited to only have one more semester until she graduates from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Her favorite thing about spending most of her time at home this year was snuggling with her cat Roe!”

Cecilia Cossairt

Cecilia is our newest addition to the team. She will be our new marketing intern. She is very excited to start working at Stein Financial Group. She is the youngest of 5 kids, 4 of which have attended the University of Minnesota, which she proudly attends. She started this year by going on a service trip to Alaska over spring break, which was an incredible experience and she would love to go back to Alaska one day. Cecilia spent her summer babysitting her almost 4 year old niece and 1.5 year old nephew which she loved! She has also become a pro at navigating work and school through quarantine and the challenges that online school brings. 

We'd love to hear about your year! Call our office to schedule a meeting with your financial advisor today.