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Friday Positivity with Mitch Taylor Thumbnail

Friday Positivity with Mitch Taylor

This week’s Friday Positivity comes from our marketing intern, Mitch Taylor.

One of the biggest things that I have been consistently referring back to during this period of social distancing is conscientiously reflecting on the silver linings of this situation. For me, this means recognizing my good fortune to have a roof over my head, good food to eat, and the ability to be able to take this time to better myself, relax, and catch up with family and friends. Prior to quarantine, I found it difficult to find time in the day to do these small things for myself with my busy schedule of school and work. Despite being limited in what I can and cannot do during this period of social distancing, I have been able to set aside more time to improve on myself through establishing healthy daily habits and finding time to rest and relax.


I have made a point of keeping my body and mind active over the past month or so through exercising, whether that takes the form of runs around the lakes, going on bike rides, or following at-home workouts using weights and resistance bands in my apartment. I’m looking forward to the day the gym opens back up but, for now, doing everything I can to get a workout in everyday helps me escape from the stressors brought on by deadlines, which is one thing that has remained a constant throughout this pandemic.

Putting technology aside

With school and work transitioning online I have found myself necessarily immersed in screens everyday which I think is something everyone needs an occasional break from. I have found it beneficial to make a habit of not picking up my phone first thing in the morning and trying as best I can to limit my social media use throughout the day. This allows me to not be inundated with the constant Coronavirus related news cycles and simultaneously focus on my work and self-improvement.

Podcasts, meditation & music

I have always been a big fan of all different types of music and I have had more time over the past month than ever before to explore new artists and genres. I’ve also gotten increasingly into podcasts over the last year and have upped my listening hours significantly during quarantine. They are a great way to start your day off and I have gotten into a morning habit of first listening to a quick ten-minute meditative session on the Headspace app, followed by tuning into The Daily, a podcast hosted by The New York Times’ Michael Barbaro which you can find online or on the Apple podcast app. I have found that starting my day off by following a consistent daily routine is refreshing and motivates me to tackle the day head on, and by making the most of everyday, I’m confident that I will emerge from this unfortunate situation better than I entered it.