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Friday Positivity with Margie Goldfine Thumbnail

Friday Positivity with Margie Goldfine

This week's Friday Positivity feature is brought to you by our very own Margie Goldfine. If you've called our office before, you've probably had the pleasure of speaking with Margie. To learn a little bit more about Margie, read her bio here: https://steinfinancialgroup.com/our-team

As if the stress of this trying time wasn't enough, Margie has been moving into a new home as well! Here's how she stays positive:

I recently moved to a new condo.

I spent the last year living in my brother’s lower level with most of what I owned in storage while I searched for the perfect new home. It’s amazing what you can do without and not even miss.

But,  I think what I missed the most were my cookbooks. I lovingly unpacked each one and looked through it before I placed it on the shelf. It was like meeting up with old friends. During the year I would look up recipes on line when I wanted to cook or bake but they were never the same as my old favorites. Nothing makes me happier than baking for my family and friends. I love running into one of kids friends and they will tell me they still remember all the treats I would make. I have even gotten calls from their friends asking if I could make a certain recipe for them because they are having people over.  

One of my kids favorite recipes is for smores bars. I use extra marshmallow crème and have been known to double the filling and make 1 ½ recipes of the crust and bake it in a 9 x 13 pan. My philosophy is to always under bake by a few minutes. It comes with experience and a good eye but there is nothing like a gooey bar. Enjoy.