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Friday Positivity with Lauren Blair 5.8.20 Thumbnail

Friday Positivity with Lauren Blair 5.8.20

It seems we have come full circle in our office when it comes to Friday Positivity. If you've been following along with this feature blog, you have heard a little bit about how each of us at SFG are finding the bright spots during this dark time in history. 

Unfortunately, it seems as though social distancing may be here to stay for a bit longer. Fortunately though, we will continue to do Friday Positivity posts until things come closer to normal. For now, it's back to me; Lauren Blair. If you'd like to read a bit more about me you can do so here.

I have learned a lot about positvity in the last 7 weeks.  In fact, I had a birthday during that time! Having a birthday during quarantine was one of the more unique experiences I've had, but my loved ones found so many ways to make it special. Since there are many people experiencing cancelled plans whether that be a birthday party, trip, wedding, baby shower, or something else, I thought I would share some ways to keep those people feeling loved and positive.

1. Send flowers 

Local flower shops are still open and doing deliveries! Flowers are a beautiful way to remind someone that you are thinking of them. Many flower shops also customize their flower arrangements based on the occasion so you can personalize their bouquet. 

2. Send a care package

The great thing about a care package is it can be personalized to perfectly match your loved one and the occasion they are celebrating. One of my dear friends baked me cookies for my birthday. After leaving the package for 24 hours, I felt comfortable enjoying my treat! You could send a care package from home or you could order gifts from an online retailer and minimize risk of contamination. Amazon will use gift packaging if you request it while ordering.

3. Send a card

A heartfelt card will never be a bad idea. Especially when someone may be feeling down about the changes to plans they may be having to experience due to COVID-19. Target is still open and selling cards but if touching the same card selection as many others may have makes you uncomfortable, you can also purchase cards on Amazon or Etsy.

Like everything else at this time, you could also do this virtually. Punchbowl.com is one site you could use to send a free ecard to a loved one.

4. Social Distance Party 

*If this is within your comfort level* 

My in-laws used their large space as a perfect opportunity to host a small gathering in their backyard where each guest could stay at least 6 feet apart from each other. If you have ample outdoor space, you could do this as well. Just make sure to keep the guest list very short and remind your guests to bring their own food and beverage so they minimize risk.

Another way to do this could be  to organize a small gathering in a local park.  A small group of my friends were kind enough to do this for my birthday. We each brought our own snacks and got to catch up while actually looking at each other's faces as opposed to through a computer screen. This is a great way to connect with people for a special occasion as long as you remember to maintain social distancing. Don't forget the party hats! :)

5. Send food

Calories don't count on your birthday, or your pre-COVID wedding date, or baby shower....etc. Bonus points if you do this while supporting local businesses! One of my friends had the dynamite idea to drop off a meal kit from Broder's Pasta Bar. You can get more information on that here.

6. Create a playlist 

A sweet gesture to let someone know you're thinking of them is to make a playlist. Spotify is a great way to do this. You could make a list of songs related to their event. If your loved one is dealing with a cancellation or postponement of plans, you could remind them that you will be happy to dance along to the playlist with them in person when it's safe to have the event.

7. Video Chat or Phone Call

Some methods of communication I'm sure we are all too familiar with at this point. Regardless, a phone call or video chat is a sure fire way to let your loved one know you are thinking of them and wish you could be with them on their special day. 

Having a major life event during this time of social distancing doesn't have to be terrible. With one or two of these simple gestures, you can make your loved one feel as though you are right there celebrating with them until you can be there in person.