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Friday Positivity with Eric Mullins - Rest Thumbnail

Friday Positivity with Eric Mullins - Rest

Rest is a key component to staying healthy and positive. Rest can mean different things to different people.

So often rest can be looked at as a passive activity or the lack of doing anything that takes work. This might mean lounging on the couch watching a favorite TV show or movie or just finding a nice chair in the shade and people watching. For myself, however, I usually find active rest to be the most helpful. These are times that I actually may be doing more ‘work’ than my normal routine but because it uses a different part of my mind than a typical day it can recharge me in a manner than I just don’t experience with passive rest.

For me, I take enjoyment in a job well done. I get caught up in the moment when an activity is fun for me. That might be going for a walk on a trail to spend quality time in nature. Sometimes I am more energized after working on a DIY home improvement project. I love the satisfaction and enjoy the journey of putting together projects. During the quarantine I have been getting around to some of those house projects that were on the ‘someday’ list and fixing those little details that were just waiting to be finally put back together. One of my favorite current activities of rest is quality time playing with my two-year old son outside. It has been an absolute blast to be with him. He has so much energy that even if he is wearing me out, at the same time he brings me so much new energy.

Rest can look different for each person. It does not necessarily mean a lack of activity. For me it is quite the opposite. I like to stay active to find meaningful rest. Doing so helps me stay positive. What is restful for you?