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Friday Positivity with Eric Mullins Thumbnail

Friday Positivity with Eric Mullins

Happy Friday! This week Eric Mullins will be sharing some of the ways he's staying positive. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mullins you can read a bit more about him here: https://steinfinancialgroup.com/our-team. Without further ado:

During a timeframe in which many of our daily and weekly routines look very different from normal, I have noticed the importance for myself and others, of taking a step back from all the busyness of life periodically to intentionally rest.

Over Easter, my extended family was unfortunately unable to catch up with one another in person, so we had a video conference call. During the call, I was encouraged to hear that many people have spent intentional time with family. Rest was also a common theme. It may look different for each person but here are some of the areas of rest I have been doing recently.


I love being outside and finally the weather in Minnesota is getting nicer! I have thoroughly enjoyed going for walks recently. This has been a great opportunity for conversation with family and friends on the phone. Other times while walking, I feel calm as I enjoy just being quiet and listening to the sounds in nature.


Recently I have focused on cooking new and different recipes. I’ve had the chance to sample some of the kitchen gadgets and experiment with the fun (not to mention delicious!) food I can make with them. As previously mentioned, I love being outside and so I have also spent a lot of time using the grill. My two year old son loves to “help” me grill as I hold him in one arm and use the grill tool in the other! On some of the nicer days, our family eats outside as well.


Growing up I read all the time and I loved it. As the busyness of life kicked in, I unfortunately stopped reading for fun. I recently picked up “The Hobbit” and took time to read through it and rest. It was a great reminder of how much I love leisure reading and how restful it can be.

These are some of the ways that I have been intentionally resting. So what about you? What do you like to cook? What have you been waiting to read till you had a few spare minutes? What are those areas of rest for you? Enjoy!