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Friday Positivity - Shane Co. & Kids In Need Foundation Announce Donation & Partnership Thumbnail

Friday Positivity - Shane Co. & Kids In Need Foundation Announce Donation & Partnership

By kinf.org

We hope this piece brightens up your Friday! To speak to a member of our Minneapolis-based team, please book online at https://bookwithsfg.timetap.com/give us a call at 612-492-0212 or send us an email at stein@steinfg.com.

"DENVER, CO., Dec. 1, 2020 — Today Shane Co., the largest family-owned jewelry company in the United States, released the details of the company’s largest charitable commitment in 2020. Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) was selected by the majority of employees in an internal vote. KINF reflects the strong core values and family focus that is the foundation for the success of the fourth-generation company with 20 retail locations across the U.S.

In addition to giving all employees three paid days to volunteer, Shane Co. announced a $100,000 donation to KINF. In the first phase, school supplies and backpacks were provided for over 4,500 K-5 students for the current fall semester. Shane Co. employees volunteered over 800 hours to fill backpacks with school supplies for students in local under-resourced schools. The second phase will include an additional round of backpack builds in all Shane Co. markets to provide supplies for the spring 2021 semester, supporting a total of 375 classrooms and over 9,000 students in under-resourced schools.

'I strongly believe that change only happens when addressing the root of the cause and to me that means bringing equality to education in underserved communities,' said Rordan Shane, President and CEO of Shane Co. 'We’re honored to give both volunteer time and money to such a worthy cause and support under-resourced teachers and students in every city where Shane Co. has a presence.'

Kids In Need Foundation is a national organization that provides the support and tools needed for teachers to teach and learners to learn. KINF programs and initiatives are focused on schools with a student enrollment of 70% or more participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

By partnering with teachers and students in under-resourced schools, KINF helps combat absenteeism by ensuring students are properly equipped to learn and empowers teachers by supplying them with adequate resources."

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