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Friday Positivity - Man Turns DIY Cooking Videos Into Thriving Restaurant Business  Thumbnail

Friday Positivity - Man Turns DIY Cooking Videos Into Thriving Restaurant Business

To Honor His Late Father, Man Learns To Cook On YouTube - Now He Owns A Thriving Restaurant

By Good News Network

"A man in South Carolina learned how to cook by watching YouTube videos, and now he’s gone on to open a restaurant that has employed 60 people. 

Octavius 'Tay' Nelson grew up washing dishes in restaurants where his father served as cook. He always saw the joy that his dad’s food brought to so many people outside their family. 

After his father and brother passed away, Nelson wanted to honor their memory by engaging in that shared passion for food. The problem? Nelson didn’t know how to cook.

Turning to YouTube, he watched endless 'how to' videos to gain kitchen skills. 

'I watched every video I could find,' Octavius tells GNN. In that way, he says, I 'learned everything from how to cook different types of meat to business-related tips on how to run a restaurant.'

At home in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, Nelson eventually launched a line of all-natural seasonings inspired by his father’s recipes, but his ultimate dream was to open a restaurant. So he turned back to YouTube to search everything he needed to know about running a food business. 

Through using the skills he learned on YouTube, Nelson started a catering business. He finally made his dream of opening a restaurant come true in 2018. 

Bobby’s BBQ, named after his father and brother, has provided dozens of jobs for his community, and more than 35,000 people have come to taste his barbecue rubbed with the house-made seasonings. 

'We are incredibly grateful that we’ve managed to keep our doors open through this pandemic, so we can continue to have a positive impact on our community, as well as keeping our staff employed.”

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