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Friday Positivity - Americans Say COVID-19 Has Given Them A Newfound Appreciation Of Nature Thumbnail

Friday Positivity - Americans Say COVID-19 Has Given Them A Newfound Appreciation Of Nature

Americans Say COVID-19 Has Given Them A Newfound Appreciation of Nature

By Good News Network

"Nearly six in 10 Americans have a new appreciation of nature during quarantine, according to a new survey.

The poll asked 2,000 Americans about how they’re keeping their moods up in light of social-distancing measures.

58% of respondents shared they didn’t appreciate nature as much as they should have before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation and their Get on Board campaign, the survey showed three-quarters of respondents are starting to feel a boost in their moods thanks to spending more time outdoors—with 66% sharing they’re doing more outdoor activities close to home.

Six in 10 shared they’ve been able to finally take the time to explore their local communities, with local parks, trails, and lakes topping the list of new-found areas.

Just over half of respondents have also gone fishing during their time in quarantine, and 27% have specifically done so to boost their mental health. That this activity can be done while adhering to social distancing guidelines is also a boon for many. A quarter of those who go out with a rod also said a perk of the activity is the bond they can share with their loved ones.

With a plethora of options for outdoor activities, nearly four in 10 respondents have actually become more physically active during their time in quarantine. In fact, 32% of respondents are participating in more outdoor activities than ever.

One of the joys of this newfound appreciation of nature? It brings many people right back to happy childhood memories of being out in the open air with family.

It looks like few want to stop with their nature-based activities anytime soon: 69% of respondents are planning to incorporate more outdoor activities into their lifestyle even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

“We can all use a little mood boost these days,” said Stephanie Vatalaro, RBFF’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “The outdoors has lots of activities to pick from, so there’s something for everyone.”


  1. Fishing – 37%
  2. Camping – 34%
  3. Going to the beach – 31%
  4. Going to a lake – 31%
  5. Outdoor cycling – 28%
  6. Running – 24%
  7. Going to a river – 23%
  8. Boating – 23%
  9. Flying a kite – 23%
  10. Hiking – 22%
  11. Gardening – 21%
  12. Bird watching – 17%
  13. Outdoor rock climbing – 11%
  14. Kayaking – 10%"

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