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Friday Positivity - 56% of Americans Say They're Happier In Autumn Than In Any Other Season Thumbnail

Friday Positivity - 56% of Americans Say They're Happier In Autumn Than In Any Other Season

56% of Americans Say They’re Happier in Autumn Than Any Other Season: Here’s The Top 20 Reasons

By Good News Network 

"From baking pies to carving pumpkins, 56% of respondents in a new survey said they’re happier in Autumn, compared to any other season.

Whether it’s walking in the crisp air, surrounded by orange and red maple trees, or enjoying special food and drinks, the 2,000 Americans polled were nostalgic about and eager for the season. 

The top three best aspects of Fall, according to the respondents were watching the leaves change color (51%), feeling the chill in the air (45%) and drinking hot chocolate (44%). People also love getting ready for the holidays (40%), Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Another big portion of affection for the season can be found in the kitchen. 40 percent always look forward to making homemade soup.

Baking, cooking, and the tasty spices all figured prominently on the list—grabbing 9 of the top 20 answers for ‘best things about Fall’.

Due to the pandemic, 68% of respondents are planning more quiet, indoor activities this year than in previous years. And, 31 percent report they’ve been unable to participate in all the things they normally do—with some unavailable.

Instead, they’re spending time around the house, with 28% of respondents planning to eat more holiday foods this year compared to previous years.

  1. Watching the leaves change color 51%
  2. The chill in the air 45%
  3. Drinking hot cocoa 44%
  4. Getting ready for the holidays 40%
  5. Making homemade soup 40%
  6. Beginning to cook holiday foods 35%
  7. Watching Halloween movies 35%
  8. Wearing big sweaters 35%
  9. Listening to the sound of rain on my roof 34%
  10. Lighting seasonal candles 33%
  11. Baking pies 31%
  12. Having cinnamon apple food/drinks 31%
  13. Making pumpkin pie 31%
  14. Having pumpkin spice food/drinks 30%
  15. Drinking hot apple cider 29%
  16. Carving pumpkins 29%
  17. Wearing chunky socks and boots 29%
  18. Stepping on crunchy leaves 28%
  19. Wearing plaid/flannels 28%
  20. Baking pumpkin bread 28%

OnePoll conducted the survey which was commissioned by Stuffed Puffs, the chocolate-filled marshmallow brand.

Michael Tierney the founder at Stuffed Puffs, said, 'Many respondents are adapting to this year’s unusual circumstances — it’s a great opportunity to introduce new traditions, whether that’s watching a scary movie every Friday or a virtual bake-off on the weekends.”

We hope this article brightened up your Friday and got you in the Fall spirit! To speak to a member of our Minneapolis-based team, please book online at https://bookwithsfg.timetap.com/give us a call at 612-492-0212 or send us an email at stein@steinfg.com.

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