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5 Questions We Answered At Our 'State of the Markets' event Thumbnail

5 Questions We Answered At Our 'State of the Markets' event

State of the Markets Event - 5 Questions We Answered

ON Wednesday, February 24th WE hosted a WEBINAR TO DISCUSS market performance in 2020 and what you might expect to see in 2021.


Wow! What a crazy year we had. The markets went through many major news events in 2020 unlike many of us have seen in our lifetimes. Watch the replay of our 'State of the Markets' event to hear us discuss the market's reaction to everything that occurred last year and hear our thoughts as to what's to come in 2021. If you are wondering about ANY of the following 5 questions, make sure to watch our event replay. 

Question #1: How did stocks perform in 2020?

No one could have predicted how the pandemic would roil the markets throughout the year. Stocks plunged in March and April after record highs in February. For a look at how the year ended up as a whole, we'll break it down for you. 

Question #2: What drove market performance in 2020?

We answered this question by talking about the major world events that happened and how the markets reacted to each of them. We even gave some insight into why the markets may have reacted better or worse than expected.

Question #3:Where are we now?

If you've attended one of our market updates in the past, you'll know we like to use economic indicators, which are basically just little speedometers, that range from red to green to give us a visual indication of how the markets are looking. Spoiler alert, in January they were mostly yellow. We touched on why that is as well as why some sectors are red and some are green.

Question #4:What can we expect in 2021?

We provided our 2021 Forecasts across multiple industries and explained our expectations broken down by quarter for you. You'll also get to see the data that helps us inform these predictions.

Question #5:What was the deal with Gamestop?

The news was riddled with story after story about Gamestop stock. We gave a brief overview of this event and give our thoughts on the phenomenon. 

Any questions about our thoughts for 2021 or how items in the news may have impacted your personal financial situation can be directed to our Head of Analytics, Anthony Gerbi.

He can be reached by email at agerbi@steinfg.com.

Without further delay, here's the replay:

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